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Skyline Innovations was founded in August of 2009 in Washington, DC by a team of problem-solving energy professionals who wanted to help people by  tearing down barriers to the adoption of renewable energy.

The resulting business model is Skyline Innovation: a sustainable model that enables the deployment of solar electricity and water heating projects to businesses and the public sector in a way that provides meaningful value to our customers, our environment, and the rest of the world without being excessively expensive.

Skyline Innovations has installed over 140 solar energy systems (and counting) and has become the largest developer and financier of commercial-scale solar water heating systems in the United States. Read more about our progress.

Due to rapid growth in demand for our offerings, we are seeking qualified solar thermal installers in California. Please refer to our partners page for information.

We are also seeking qualified candidates to join the Skyline team. Please refer to our jobs page for listings.

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Always Available

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any questions that you may have.

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Our team of customer service representatives are actually technicians themselves so they can help you on the spot with technical questions.

Fair Prices

Unlike our competitors, we do not overcharge our customers. Our prices are much more fair than other places, especially considering our quality.

Fast Service

Our firm has a dedicated team to help clients around the clock. Appointments are usually made for the next day, not weeks after like other places.


Skyline Innovations was founded with one goal in mind: To help the community save energy, and to ultimately help the environment. Our firm delivers guaranteed savings to business and multifamily buildings by providing a fixed discount to customers for water heating and electricity. Our complete care program finances, installs, maintains and monitors commercial-scale solar water heating and electricity systems at no upfront cost to the customer.

When it comes to energy saving methods, you want an experienced and dedicated team by your side. There are a lot of businesses out there that claim to be professionals, but they lack the education and experience necessary to successfully take your project from start to finish. We are the true professionals because our technicians have years of experience in research and development, and they will make sure your project goals are perfectly executed from start to finish.

If you are in California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland or Puerto Rico, please contact us to schedule a free site visit.

Our company will perform an analysis of your situation and make recommendations regarding what can be done to save energy, and reduce your bills. We have experts available who can personally travel to any location of your choosing and provide the professional help and recommendations that you need.


Please call or email us and our customer service representatives can listen to your needs and let you know if we have someone available to help you.

Yes, we are pleased to provide a 10% discount to repeat clients.

Yes, we do. To learn more about replacement parts, please click on the replacement parts section in the menu above this page.

Yes, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount to the disabled and to veterans.

If you cannot make it to your appointment, simply call our customer service line to let us know. If there is an emergency and you cannot make that call, no problem. We will try again at no additional cost to you.




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