Skyline Innovations to Expand Solar Water Heating Efforts

Skyline Innovations is a Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) that will allow you to provide your customers with the benefit of on-site solar, saving money while going green, without the upfront cost. Skyline’s financing tool provides your sales representatives with the opportunity to close otherwise difficult deals by offering zero cost solar installations while allowing customers to immediately realize savings on their energy costs.

We understand that many sales pipelines are stalled due to customers’ wariness at putting up the money for expensive solar technology as well as a fear of the unknown. Through a partnership with Skyline you can eliminate the two primary barriers facing your customers: inability to meet the upfront capital requirement and worries about performance and maintenance liability.

Who is Skyline Innovations to our dealers?

  • We are a project development and finance company that provides a financing tool to assist in closing customer contracts.
  • We will provide the tools and support needed to close deals with potential customers who cannot or will not buy the system outright by allowing you to offer zero-cost solar installations with immediate energy savings.
  • We are your solar water heating deal closer.
  • We are your best customer.

We are privileged to partner with the most reputable and hardworking solar dealers in the country, and we look forward to cultivating a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with your firm as well. We provide our financing package as a tool to your sales force and, ultimately, we hope to become your best customer.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can take advantage of what Skyline has to offer.

Skyline Innovations Billing:

Just like your existing energy provider, Skyline will bill you at the end of each month for your energy use. This bill will use information from your existing energy provider and the Skyline energy metering system to determine the price of energy and the amount supplied. The amount you are billed each month is the product of these two numbers.

However, the Skyline bill tells you so much more than just how much you owe. Our analytics software provides you with information on how much of your power is provided from renewable sources, what your carbon offset is (your positive impact on the environment, in trees planted) and how much money you have saved, or can expect to receive as a product of solar renewable energy credits.

The Skyline bill also shows you month by month historical savings, allowing you to go back and see what the advantages of renewable energy are at any given time.

The backside of the Skyline bill includes all of your existing utility information; this is the data that allows us to reconcile your existing utility charges with your consumption from the Skyline system, and to calculate your savings percentage.

Interested in additional information on billing or would like to see something more on your bill? Contact us.