Solar Water Heating - Overview

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating uses rooftop collectors to trap heat from the sun and transfer it to the hot water for domestic use in your building. Rather than using conventional fuels to heat your water, such as fuel oil, natural gas, propane or electricity, you use clean and renewable energy from the sun.


Solar water heating is an ideal solution for buildings that have centralized hot water systems, such as a boiler system. A commercial-scale solar thermal system can reduce your building’s use of conventional, utility-supplied fuel by roughly 60-80%. With Skyline’s guaranteed savings program, you can heat your water from the sun for less than water heated by your utility company.

Let your roof do so much more than just protect your building from the elements. Skyline Innovations can put your roof to work saving you money with clean and efficient solar power for your water heating needs. Our solar water heating solution provides immediate and guaranteed energy savings and environmental benefits from renewable energy without upfront payment or capital expenditure.

Going solar with Skyline is simple – our complete care program includes site evaluation, system design and engineering, equipment procurement, financing, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. You start saving immediately, enjoying a long-term reduction in operating expenses for both energy and maintenance while helping the environment. For your 10 to 15 year contract term, you receive hot water from the sun from Skyline at a fixed discount to your utility company’s rate, meaning your savings are guaranteed.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us at any time. Also, if you would like to study actual project data, please read our 4600 Connecticut Ave Case Study!