Skyline Energy Metering:

The Skyline monitoring system records and stores energy use data on-site, and relays that data to Skyline’s servers.

The metering system allows us to view your energy consumption and match it up against your utility rates.

At Skyline Innovations, we provide a custom integrated energy monitoring system to collect data, much like an electrical meter or a gas meter from your utility. Just as those meters measure amount of electricity or gas you use, we measure the the amount of heat generated by our solar water heaters. We measure the heat that our systems generate as well as how much of that heat is transferred to your water heater and how much hot water you consume so that we can measure system performance.

By combining this data with data from other similar systems, we can figure out how to deliver you the most value.

In addition to allowing us to ensure that our systems are performing, the Skyline system monitor allows us to know exactly how much energy you used for water heating and when you used it. This way we can be sure that we are providing you with accurate savings and bill information, even if you have a time-of-use contract with your utility.