Why Skyline

Our Unique Model

Skyline Innovations is solar power done right. We take out all of the hassles that typically surround purchasing solar power: figuring out system sizing, finding a supplier, contracting with plumbers and installers — and paying for it.

Our clients go green and save money from day one, with no upfront cost.

Skyline operates like a utility, building power plants and selling energy, except we build only clean solar power and we build it on our clients’ roof tops. This allows our clients to make their commitment to going green immediately visible, and it allows us to sell them energy at a guaranteed discount. By purchasing energy from us, our clients are guaranteed savings on their utility bills, with none of the risk of installing their own system.

The Technology:

Skyline Innovations is currently working with solar water heating as our primary energy technology. While we recognize that there are a great number of useful rooftop energy sources, we have chosen to focus on this solar water heating specifically, as it is currently by far the most efficient and cost effective form of rooftop solar generation on the market.

By choosing to put the most cost effective and efficient technology to work on our customers’ roof space we maximize the value generated and passed through to their bottom lines. We are in the business of helping our customers get the most value from their roofs, and we can do this best by employing proven and mature products, such as solar water heating, rather than using that space to test newer, less cost effective technologies.

We recognize that solar electric panels, or PV as the panels are more commonly known, get far more press
coverage (and are arguably more glamorous) than solar water heating, and we are often asked why we don’t
pursue this technology.

The answer is really quite simple, the economics are just not there yet. Companies offering their customers PV charge a premium for their services and their customers pay extra for renewable energy.

This is not a model that we are currently willing to follow. We at Skyline Innovations believe that business owners should be rewarded for making positive environmental decisions, not burdened with higher energy costs.

By sticking with solar water heating we at Skyline Innovations are able to provide our customers with immediate savings on their energy bills. As the price of other rooftop technologies, including PV, begin to fall we will expand our offerings to include these opportunities. We are, however, committed to sticking with technologies that provide our clients with immediate monetary value.