Why SkyLine - Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed Savings

Once installation of your solar energy system is complete your utility bills become a fraction of what they were previously.

How You Can Benefit from This

For your contract term, Skyline bills you for the solar energy that you use at a price that is a fixed percentage (i.e., your “savings rate”) lower than your utility rate. Skyline also covers all costs associated with monitoring and maintenance. On an ongoing basis, we measure and report to you your actual energy savings and environmental impact. Your savings are guaranteed, meaning that if you don’t save we don’t get paid.

At the end of your Skyline contract, you have the option of taking over ownership of the solar energy system, or renewing your contract with Skyline to continue to maintain your system.

The Skyline program has additional savings benefits. For the life of your contract, maintenance expenses are included, providing further savings on your operating costs.

Learn how the Skyline program worked for one of our Washington, DC projects by visiting our contact page.